Thursday, March 29, 2012

Organization Mania + My Pinky Incident

Hey Everyone! 

It's been a little too long since I posted something in this blog. Now, as Thursdays are my free day in which I get to catch up with some school work, readings and well personal stuff, guess what? you fit in perfectly! 

I have been watching this awesome YouTube channel called organizedlikejen and has inspired me to become a little more organized specially since I began university again. I just started my weekly planner in which I have all my to do school work and tests for the week and printed out monthly planner in which I have a complete overview of the things I have due in the month and see how I can fit more or less projects and activities. 

I've been in this crazy Organization Plan the few past weeks but just didn't knew how to start it. Thank God I found about Jennifer and the Light came to me! I could see much clearer what I need and did not need. 

In terms of what I did to keep all my class notes and my agenda is maybe a subject that I can spend on hours talking about it because I love that way it all turned out. I can't say that I am super neat and well..organized but it works for me so that I am a happier and mentally healthier student. Yay for it! 

On a side note, I had a horrible incident that has to do with one of my pinky toes (to be precise, the right one). Well, my dad was headed out for work and when he came all happily to say good-bye to his lovely daughter (aka;ME) I stood up and took 1 step forward and he had done so too. SO in that moment is when I felt it, his shoe crashed with my pinky toe and the nail just SNAPPED and CRACKED! and it was the most painful thing I had felt in all of my life. Not to be dramatic but the pain run through my nerves and it was all just awful. My dad felt horrible and was saying to me are you OK? do you want to go to the Doctor? Is it bleeding? And Luckily it was not bleeding and was just a minor nail issue but it did hurt oh so very badly. But everything is fine and it has just a plaster covering the nail just in case it gets tangled with any other thing and just end up falling out. 
(the most colourful and happiest place <3 Innsbruck, Austria) 

So that was what Happened. My Pinky Incident. 

I hope you are having a lovely week!

Talk to you guys soon! :) 



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