Thursday, March 8, 2012

Style Segment: From 1920 to 1930's

Style set it's new boundary-less, more feminine and fashionable self during this period of time, women started to centre more around personal grooming as a plus for fashion. This became a hit since Hollywood started presenting motion pictures with some of our favourite fashionistas of the time.

The magazines Vogue and Harper's Bazaar saw this trait coming and inclined their products into developing fashion statements and slowly became women's most read magazines until this era. Women preferred them because of the tips and tricks they showed in how to achieve the Hollywood Glamour that every girl/woman desired.

During this time period, skirts, suits and bodices where so in and the hem fell from about an inch beneath the knee, one stylist that introduced it was Chanel. The style became baggy, not that much of form fitting as the previous style we saw during the decade of the 1910 all the way to 1920. The zipper began to be utilize more in the latter part of the decade.

During the late years of the decade, in 1928, the style changed again making the hem to the knee and leading to the style of 1930.

Women gained the right to vote and with such liberty they began to carve their way in society, more liberal thoughts run through their minds and (as being a woman my self too) it was fun to experiment with new things that came in the way. The style had to become more comfortable without loosing the class and the status of ladies.

We can never forget about the shoes, the piece that make the outfit fall together smoothly. T-straps where the most used type of shoe because they provided security while dancing the Charleston  and pointy toes and medium to high heel where perfect for the deed.

I hope you guys liked this post, it's always interesting to know how style has changed and what influenced those changes.



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