Saturday, March 10, 2012

Update: Back to School

Hey Everyone! 

I am just about to start University again, I have my timetable all figured out, my school supplies bought and ready to be used and I just feel I've had way to much spare time during this Summer vacations that I forgot how to write on paper. 

But all in all, I am exited to see all the familiar faces of my class mates and the people that I've gotten to know through all these years. I know it is going to be a much much more interesting semester, I am pass half of my career and loving it still. I need to find a place to do intern-ships to get the credits in order to fulfil the ones necessary for me to graduate. 

Many other things have been happening, I got off track with my daily routines and just made an awful mess with my beauty and eating habits through this time. I will make a list and start by getting right in track so that I start the semester ready and able to continue a routine so my life will be more organized than these couple of months I had free. 

I have to concentrate more in the classes that I am taking, so no social life for me, at least, not as complicated and active as it used to be. I have to keep nice and steady grades to apply for a good job and to make it where I want to get as a professional. 


Yesterday was my father's birthday and we celebrated it quite nicely and we got him a couple of nice things as gifts. While trying to find him the presents, I found SHOES and of course i fell in love and bought them. A nice treat for me while I can. I may do a post about them because I love them so much I just could resist them, they are two pairs of shoes, some moccasin-like ballerinas and brown wedges. <3

I thinks that's it for now, until next time !



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