Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Boot-sy Call

Hey Everyone!

I have 2 new obsessions this winter. One is a camel and the other a black. Yes SHOES! you are right! I totally agree with the fact that the perfect shoe has to find you and not the other way around. I was walking by in a store and just found the first pair sitting there just glowing and calling for my name (a little dramatic I know, but everything just fell into place at that moment). These are the most comfortable and nicest pair of camel ankle booties I've ever owned in my life and are just adorable, they have a wedged heel so it is super easy to walk with them, they've already passed the test making me some company on my University day. 

They are absolutely adorable. Later on the month, I found myself walking by another shoe store (surprise surprise) and the most me shoe was standing in its shelf and just smiled at me. It was the second time in the month that I felt instantaneously happy. The leather was flawless and the black was perfect for every occasion. They have a 2.5 inch heel and are pretty comfortable to walk in and I am absolutely glad they crossed my path that day.  

They have a kind of cowboy boot feel to them but are still on an edge with the buckle on the side and the studs on the belt around the boot. 

I am so proud of these purchases, I was really needing some good quality heeled shoes for winter, because I was lacking of them as for every day wear. 

Have a nice week everyone! and keep an eye for new posts this week!



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