Friday, April 6, 2012

Healthy Snacks: Plain Yoghurt with Strawberries.

Hey Everyone! 

You know that feeling when you just ate something delicious and are just happy and so motivated? Well that is how I feel when I am done eating this snack. Plain Yoghurt and strawberries is so good! I eat this sometimes as my breakfast in a relatively large bowl, but also if you are hungry at some point of the day, you can grab one small dessert dish have half a cup of the natural yoghurt and half a cup of chopped up strawberries and you will feel that you got your sweet dose of food and indulged a little with less than half the calories of a regular dessert or other sweet treats. 

Sometimes I also like to grab a small coffee spoon with honey and spread it on top of the two. It is all so delicious that I am craving that right now! I think finishing this post I'll go to the kitchen and treat myself with this.

YUM! ok I'm gonna end this now to go to the kitchen! 

I hope you guys are having a pretty nice day and enjoy your weekend to come! It's Easter, enjoy it! 



picture from here.  

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