Sunday, April 15, 2012

Motivational Words: Think of the Sun

Hey guys! 

I feel like everyone has, at some point, felt like their troubles were bigger than what they could handle. For those moments of despair, when you feel that you can't breath and that the universe just don't like you at all, remember that there is always going to be something to brighten up your day. 

Don't feel down, think of all the pretty small things that life has given you, think of the people who love you, look at the flowers in the parks, look at the kids playing with their mom's and how happy they are. Sometimes are those small things that will make you go through the rough times of life.  

Every sun ray for me is a little drop of happiness. Look at sky, it doesn't matter if it is cloudy or bright, just remember the sun always comes out. Maybe not every day, but it is always there. Think that even though the clouds are overshadowing his gloriousness, he always sits high up there with no worries and hoping the friend Wind would come to blow his troubles away and together make a breezy and sunny day. 

Take a moment to reflect about why you should worry, and expect something better of each day. 
Live your life not worrying about the troubles but trying to make those problems into opportunities to become better and happier. 

I hope you are having a great day from the bottom of my heart




  1. Beautiful post!

    1. I'm glad you liked it :) I was feeling sort of down but writing the post made me feel much better <3


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