Thursday, May 3, 2012

Beauty Vlogger Boot Camp: Boy Crazy

Hey everyone!

It's time for another of the infamous posts about BVBC!! Every Tuesday I get hooked on the internet and specially YouTube to see the premier of new episodes of this series. I love them, specially how some people just watch the episodes and give so much hate about them when I know some of those haters, as some call them, just love it so much but are plain out of this universe with jealousy about two regular girls makinbg a career out of their passion.

This week's challenge was all about the boys. They had to paint/makeup around with boy blank canvas. I think people thought this was just crazy, I did too, but thinking about it, it was not so crazy in the end. It had to be this way so they can judge over the creativity of the contestants, after all you need to have a lot of it to create some tutorials and picture some of the craziest requests.

I loved how Shanice had the vision to recreate something Vogue-ish and stood out from the other participants. It was my favourite look and just thought that she has what it takes to become a really good beauty and fashion guru.

Here is the video! I hope you enjoy! <3



Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this reality YouTube series in any way. I have not been compensated with any form of payment to write this blog post about it. Non of the companies, people or animals mentioned in this post have contacted me to promote them. All opinions are my own. 

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