Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beauty Vlogger Boot Camp: Week 8

Hey everyone! 

It's that of the week in which I start to ramble about BVBC! yes, I am loving it and I'm not ashamed about it. The challenge for last week and this week was to create a day time look and night time look from pieces found in a drift store. The catch, they could not go over 100 dolars. Bargaining power is the KEY. 

I loved the outfits two of the contestants pulled out. I have been watching the show for the last eight weeks and still don't remember the names. I am THAT bad with them. I loved the challenge and saw how their personalities came out with them. I think styling is a natural talent and it could also be developed if studied profoundly and with dedication. 

Honestly, the contestants have been doing great jobs through the time of the show. As it comes to an end, the competition gets tougher and the elimination process just becomes more and more difficult. The 3 girls left, just created a strong bond, and now having to bite their heads off to win makes it HARDER for the competition. I just hope the best wins, and no drama arise from it. 

Here I leave you with this weeks episode! 

Hope you like!



Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this reality YouTube series in any way. I have not been compensated with any form of payment to write this blog post about it. Non of the companies, people or animals mentioned in this post have contacted me to promote them. All opinions are my own. 

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