Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cupcake Catch-up: Beauty Vlogger Bootcamp Ep. 9

Hey guys!

This weeks episode of BVB was a more relaxed one, Elle and Blair catch-up with the 3 remaining contestants that are fighting to be the winners of the competition. It was nice that they did this with Rachel, Shannice and Giselle. To get to know where the final 3 come from just gives us a better idea of all the things that they have going on, how driven they are and how much we can relate to them in everyday activities. 

In this post, I will talk about what I like to do when my friends and I get together to catch-up on each other's life and to have a little time off from our very busy schedules. I have 3 best friends from school, we have been like sisters all through high school and made the transition smoothly, we are always chatting, even though we can't see each other as often as we would like to. One of them live's in Canada, and the rest of us haven't moved at all. You might think that with them the story is different, but no, we are still pretty busy and don't have  similar schedules to find a small period of time to see us. 

My friend that lives in Canada, comes in to town every 6 months or so, the longest period of time she's been out was 2 years but because of external factors. That's the time of the year when the rest of us that still live in town, leave everything on hold and just take a few days to spend them all together. Which is amazing. 

We normally go to lunch, or maybe, go to grab a coffee, a Starbucks is more accurate to say! we love it. We talk and talk for hours and hours, and laugh a lot, and I mean A LOT, in the process. We are all pursuing different careers so listening to each other anecdotes is the most interesting thing in the world. We all know the life and miracles of the people that study with each other just by knowing their names we all know that Juanita did this and Anthany did this other thing. 

There is nothing better in the whole world, than having such good friends. Taking the time to catch-up is relaxing and makes you just happy. Simply Happy. 

I love my besties and hope they are great as always! <3 

What do you do when catching up with your friends? 

PS. I leave you this weeks episode of beauty vlogger bootcamp below! Enjoy!



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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this reality YouTube series in any way. I have not been compensated with any form of payment to write this blog post about it. Non of the companies, people or animals mentioned in this post have contacted me to promote them. All opinions are my own. 

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