Sunday, May 13, 2012

If I could... a hundred years, climb the highest mountains,  laugh about everything, never shed a tear, fight with tigers,  I would do it for the women in my life, my mother and grandmother ( momma and grammi). 

They have given their lives to take care of us, they are the most dedicated human beings in the world. There are ups and downs in life that have never made them stop. I love them at their best, but most importantly of all at their worst. 

Here is a cheer for my momma, even if there are adversities, she has never cracked, she has kept the calm and made us keep it down. Once I was scared to go on my first day of kinder, even if it was tough to let go of the little girl, she showed a strength and made me realize everything was going to be OK. That is the support I have always known and my momma taught me well. If you are scared to make a move to go on with your life not knowing what is about to come, just take a chance either way life is a mystery that you can unwind on your own with the support given by the ones you love. Each step of my journey in life she's been there for me. Letting me know that my decisions lead to different outcomes some for the best and some that made me learn. 

She was never alone leading me through life. There she is the pillar for us both. My grammi. The other most important woman in my life. She has the strength of 100 men, and the courage of a Lioness fighting for her pups. She was a loving house wife when my momma was little, she was dedicated and still is to this day. The ups and downs of life have never stopped her. Some very rough moments happened when I was a little girl and she had to take a chance and stand up for my grandfather's pride. At her 55 Years of age, a dedicated wife and mother and grandmother, had to step out of her safety net and went out to work and took her life by the horns. She had never worked but still, she now has a successful business. That is how strong she is. Later in the year that past, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. That was a blow. For her and for us. We were scared. Very. But she was in good hands and now she is recovering. I love her for that. She has been always there for us. 

Now that it is their special day, I wanted to dedicate this post to let them know how much of a proud daughter and granddaughter I am, I've learned of strength, I've learn what true love means from them. I've learned never to give up. Also to never settle. Take risks, in life you are allowed to fail and from failure you will learn to never fail on the same again.  


They are the women in my life. I am so proud to carry their blood and to learn about their courage. 

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