Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Style Crush: Kim Kardashian

Hey everyone!

I think every single person in the world has some kind of crush about the style of a regular person or celebrity. Today I am talking all about my obsession with Kim Kardashian.

Ever since her breakthrough in the spot light with her famous friend Paris Hilton, she has know how to work her way in a very stylish and glamorous way. She knows how to dress for the occasions and, since she is a pettite size person, always knows bet to wear her very loved high heels.

I think with her, the philosophy of the higher the better goes in every way of the expression. She never leaves her house without wearing her beloved shoes, unless she is off to the gym or some other extracurricular activities (aka, not working).

Her style is the working girl inspiration, I love how some of her form fitting cut dresses and clothes show her figure and show that self confidence. Not many people or celebrities know how to pull this off, to find something that just enhances your personality and the gorgeous silhouette of the body.

As a girl, I struggle with finding the right clothes, but by watching, I tend to learn. Kim used to style celebrity closets and organize them. So much ideas you get from that is just overwhelming and you need to keep track of it and just internalize as much content as you desire. Being a socialite is something that helped her also, being surrounded by all the glam and shine and expensive accessories.

Her mother, Kris, has taught the girls, all of her siblings, how to take good care of the skin and how important it is to look fresh and natural. It does not matter if you have the most shocking and pretty dress if you look all tired and drained. You'll end up being the most glamorous zombie out there and you don't want that.

In a recent picture you can see her getting out of the plane and out of the airport looking fabulous and renewed and comfortable, without looking like a slob.

this is how you know when a person has a great sense of style and that they like to show the world they are the best at it.
Who's your personal style crush? let me know in the comments :)



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