Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Updateable me: University, Life

Hey Everyone!

I hope you spent a lovely mother's day with the ones you love! We spend it chilling in the house, I cooked a nice Dinner, Pampered the most amazing women and just relaxed from everything, the midterms just pushed me to the limit and just went home after every exam just feeling miserable. But I can't complain with my grades, they are pretty high and now I feel dumb for feeling so miserable after them! hahaha

(being buried with books much? hahaha) 

Now, I have some serious assignments to get done, as the semesters go by, i feel it is much more work to be done and is a hand full of everything, I needed this week of study to start to realize that with a stable way of life comes all the ups and downs, you just need to know which are your priorities. Up to some point I felt like quitting university and decided to follow a career path more like the Kardashians, going to nice parties, knowing the right people and putting my name on every single thing possible! hahaha I love them, don't get me wrong, but I was stressed out and horrified by my luck at the moment. 

In a more stable state of mind I can say that I would not want my life to be anything other than what its been so far, and with baby steps you can achieve a lot. 

Having good friends, and an awesome family by my side just make things a lot easier and bearable.

It's time for me to keep on doing university assignments but I love talking to you so much that I feel relaxed while writing these posts <3



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