Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Welcome May!

Hey everyone!

It's May already, I feel the year is flying by so fast! And of course, you gotta be the best at everything you are going to do. I have been stressing over the university and have witnessed that every day as it gets closer to the last semesters of it, it becomes harder and harder.

Trying to balance every little detail in life is not impossible but it sure is a whole lot of work. I love the challenges but some days I just feel drained and with no energy to get out of bed, but girls gotta do what girls have to do and just keep on going to reach your goals.

I have a pretty nice memory to share with you all since it's May and it's the 4 year anniversary of my prom trip to Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic.

At this time of year, we were all prepping to get our tans on and enjoy the live in the sea. The skies where clear and the seas were super turquoise and crystal clear. Every single bit of the beach was bright and beautiful. 

a view from the plane so you can see what I saw :) 

I feel like every little detail can be seen down there. The hotel was everything you could've asked for. We stayed at the Tropical Princess and it is part of the Bavaro Princess chain of Hotels. 

here a picture of one of the pools

kite surf

I was so happy there, I found someone special and saw how pretty life is, and how good you feel while living life at it's fullest. 

Talking about this made me want to go back, maybe after graduating university I will travel with some friends over there. Or who knows, maybe I'll go to some other place, like Montercarlo. 

I hope you have a nice day and Month.



all pictures belong to me. 

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