Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Funday: Father's Day

Hey Everyone! 

I hope you are having a nice day. It is sunny and nice and hot here. Just the perfect day. The perfect one to say to your dad how much you love them and how much they mean to you. It doesn't matter if your dad is not with you at the moment, or your mum has taken care of you being a mum and a dad at the same time, you just need to show that person how grateful you are for what they have done for you. 

I want to say Happy Father's Day to the most amazing men in my life, my Dad and my Granddad. They have always been there for me, seen me at my best and at my worst and have always been there to cheer me up and make me have a good laugh. There is another special man that passed away many many years ago, my Dad's Dad, the most caring person of all. He is now one of the many guardian angels looking after us from up high in heaven. Love you all. 

We are doing a special lunch, an Italian theme one with nice wine, nice food and the best of all, the family together. 

What are your father's day plans? 

Have a pretty one! 



Friday, June 15, 2012

Fashionspiration: Marc Jacobs.

Hey Everyone!

Second post of the day, who knew? I was watching some of the videos the Louis Vuitton YouTube channel has, and found a very special one in which Marc Jacobs, the creative director of the brand, said a very true statement and it made me bedazzled. He said: 

"Change is a great and horrible thing that people love it and hate it at the same time. But without change you just don't move." 

I loved this and totally agree, change may be hard, but if you want to grow and become stronger, you need to know how to handle different situations. 

I hope it inspires you and make a difference. 

have a nice day! 


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Beauty Vlogger Boot Camp: And then there were 2

Hey Everyone!

The final 2 are already here!, Rachel and Giselle, shocker to not be seeing Shanice in the finalists, but the tie-breaker was the decision maker and she was not even close to the retail price of the whole amount of products in the last challenge. 

For the final episode, the audience is going to have to vote for the one who will be the next beauty vlogger. They will have to make a beauty/fashion vlog showing up their real and true capacities that we haven't been able to see that much of through the competition. Nerves and time pressure are just not the best companions. 


I am so looking forward to the final and see who wins.

I leave you with this weeks episode! Enjoy! 

who do you think will win? Rachel or Giselle? 



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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this reality YouTube series in any way. I have not been compensated with any form of payment to write this blog post about it. Non of the companies, people or animals mentioned in this post have contacted me to promote them. All opinions are my own. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dealing with stress: Project Submission Week

Hey Everyone! 

As the weeks pass by and we are in the middle of June, for some of us, living in a complete different system than the US and some European countries methods of Universities, it's the most stressful and hideous weeks of all the semester. Project Submissions. Yes, Scary. And horribly stressful. You need to check of the parts of the project are all well structured and well developed and do some final changes to make it all ready for the teachers. 

What I like to do during these awfully painful weeks, in order to relief stress, is blast out to my favourite songs and just loosen up for a moment, the best way to make a break and relax for good 30 minutes and then you are back and ready to keep up the work. I do not tend to listen to music while doing written papers from classes such as Management or any hard core thinking process. 

Another stress reliever for me is to sit down for a moment, take deep breaths, inhale, exhale and just listen to the way air passes through your air canal. It will make you feel much more light headed and in peace from all the tiny details you have been paying attention for a while. This is also great because it will make your train of thoughts more clear and will help you to look at the problem in a different way and take different courses of action to solve it. 

I do not tend to pull all nighters, I hate them! I need to have at least a good 5 hour sleep (which is not bad) or else I'll be a cranky little piece of person and I am not a very pleasant one to be around if I have not slept well. I prefer to sleep it off and continue the next morning setting my alarm clock pretty early. 

Somw good other stress relievers are doing any sort of exercise or cardio activity for half an hour to an hour, you will release endorphins and will end up with more willingness and energy to do your work. I know it sometimes just is impossible to fit it in your day or schedule, but just going for a simple walk can do wonders for you. For more about walking click here

There are tons and tons of practices that you can do, and the above are just a few of my favourites! I hope you find this post interesting. 

Tell me, what do you do to avoid high waves of stress during hard weeks of final submissions or even final exams? 



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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Silly Sunday + Birthdays!

Hey Everyone!

A successful alarm dodges near the dash

What does this sentence mean? I really have no idea but as it is Sunday I was browsing through the internet and found this. I am currently studying for a reading comprehension test on Monday, but got tired and decided to spend a little time in the cyber-world. 

Oh! and yesterday was the Birthday of a fellow blogger. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU SUEMI! 

We go to Uni together and are working on a project this semester. I love her blog (it's in spanish). She writes from her heart and has a very strong point of view which is nice to find now a days, because not everyone has the courage to speak up their mind any more and she does that. I hope you spent a really great day yesterday Sue! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! 

here I leave you with her Blog! go check it out: Cuando SuEMi quiere bloggear.. 

ps. She has a great art editions too. I am sort of, kind of jealous!  

I hope you have a great day <3



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Saturday, June 9, 2012

New Layout!

Hey Everyone!

As you may notice, I've done some changes to the blog! Yes, I made this banner all by my self and just changed the description I had for it. As it says, Live, Love, Laugh, Be Fab.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Walking, A nice way to excercise

Hey everyone! 

It's been a while since I posted anything about health, and fitness. Let's be real, I like more fashion and beauty and know much much more about it. And it's easier to find articles all about fashion. 

Lately, walking is one of the things we do in our house hold. Want to go to the grocery store 10 blocks from home? Walk. Want to visit my aunt living exactly on 6 blocks down my street? Walk. Want to get the dogs to walk not using our-at-home treadmill? (yeah we do that) WALK THEM. The best health option.  

While walking, you are exercising. Maybe not as tiring as a good old run around the  neighbourhood, but it is still something. You will burn calories, you will feel more oxygenated (although at the beginning you will be TIRED)  and you will be just more fit and with better resistance. 

All of this walking, I know I am repeating my-self a lot, is so beneficial for your mood too. Your endocrine system will release  endorphins and they will make you more relaxed an happy. And to quote Elle Woods. Happy people don't kill.  

Remember, walking makes you fitter, and just less stressed. If you have little time in the day, try switching up your schedule, and walk short distances when you have to run errands. 

I hope you guys have a wonderful, wonderful weekend! 



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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Something Awesome: The Laine Blogger Award!

Hey Everyone!

I am super excited right now, I received a comment in my latest post (which you can see here) by the lovely Becca from Looks and Books with Becca, saying something awesome! She nominated me for the Laine Blogger Award. Becca has a pretty cool blog and I am obsessed! you should check her out and follow her for great posts!

Here are the rules:

1. Tag the Blogger who awarded you
2. Award 5 more bloggers
3. And Jasmine added a few questions :)

  - What is your current beauty obsession?
  - What is one beauty item you wished you owned?
  - What kind of posts are your favourite to write and read?
  - What inspired you to become a blogger?
  - What colour polish are you wearing right now?

a. What is your current beauty obsession?

Lipsticks! I am crazy for them, any kind will do.

b. What is one beauty item you wished you owned?

I wish I owned a Chanel make-up remover for gentle skin! I got this as a sample many years ago at the airport, but have never really focused on saving to splurge on it.

c. What kind of posts are your favourite to write and read?

love to write polish reviews and fun update posts. I love to read/see outfit of the day posts and fashion look books.

d. What inspired you to become a blogger?

I think it was the YouTube beauty community, but I am a shy girl (yes I am) to stand in front of a camera and start talking to it! Maybe in the future I will suck it up and start posting videos too.

e. What colour polish are you wearing right now?

Right now I'm wearing Revlon's Classy and on my ring finger Revlon's mini Sparkle.

Here are the bloggers who I nominate:

Dictator of Taste
Soup for the Girly Soul
My Obsession 
Beauty Glitz

Hope you have a great day! I sure will be jumping up and down of excitement all day :)



Beauty Vlogger Boot camp: Hauls in heels

Hey Everyone! 

Running in heels is not fun, specially when they are like sky high tall. This week in BVB, the final 3 contestants had to do so, while shopping, under a 3 minute limit. I was perplex, but I have had to run in heels, and let me tell you, it was just for emergency purposes, not to go grab a shade of nail polish. Of course Elle and Blair didn't expect the results to be that bad and to have a 3 way tie. It is not an easy challenge, therefore I respect the contestants even more now! 

If I had to run, in a store to grab beauty products, let me tell you...I will take my heels of! I think some of them thought about it, but since it's called, Hauls in Heels...well, there was no point in contradicting the challenge. I had a lot of fun watching this episode, specially because of the faces they were doing, it went all from happy to dragging and smooshed. 

Here is the episode if you missed it! the elimination will be next Tuesday! Let's see what happens then! 

have a great day! and the WEEKEND IS COMING!

talk to you real soon <3



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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this reality YouTube series in any way. I have not been compensated with any form of payment to write this blog post about it. Non of the companies, people or animals mentioned in this post have contacted me to promote them. All opinions are my own. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday fun day: Soccer and friends

Hey Everyone! 

It's a nice day, today there's a soccer game where Peru and Colombia will face each other to see who gains points to qualify for the World Cup. Soccer is an important sport in Latin America, we have some awesome players, Ronaldinho anyone? Cristiano Ronaldo?, all Brazilian, that is why they have the best team winning 5 World Cups in the history (I think there was a 6th time, sorry for my lack of knowledge!) 

This post is not about soccer (which you can see I know nothing about it) but it's about how you spend those social encounters with people that DO like sports, can be Rugby, American Football, Baseball anything in general. Guys are THE ones crazy about them and if you have a boyfriend or some male best friends, they will want to watch it all gathered in one place. 

Girls, have no fear! They are the ones you love so you can also be a part of their plans. Your girls and yourself can plan a lovely reunion, delivering some tasks and making people in charge of the snacks and beers (if you are of legal age to enjoy a little booze with your activities) and voila, some of the girls may also enjoy watching sports so that is great! Special if you are fan of the teams who are playing. 

Normally, girls will all gather around a table and have a little of drinks, chat and laugh. Boys will all be in front of the TV and munching on the snacks talking about boy stuff which I kind of do not understand but make an effort to. 

Another thing that my friends and I like to do, specially in the warmer months, is go to the beach, to a friend's house and have a summery barbecue and  lot of chatting and screaming and just fun, good nice and friendly FUN. 

That is my approach to having boys screaming over at the TV for a good couple of hours and having fun while watching them go crazy and spending some good quality time with everyone. 

What is it that you do when there are events like these ones? 

I hope you are having a nice day! 



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