Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dealing with stress: Project Submission Week

Hey Everyone! 

As the weeks pass by and we are in the middle of June, for some of us, living in a complete different system than the US and some European countries methods of Universities, it's the most stressful and hideous weeks of all the semester. Project Submissions. Yes, Scary. And horribly stressful. You need to check of the parts of the project are all well structured and well developed and do some final changes to make it all ready for the teachers. 

What I like to do during these awfully painful weeks, in order to relief stress, is blast out to my favourite songs and just loosen up for a moment, the best way to make a break and relax for good 30 minutes and then you are back and ready to keep up the work. I do not tend to listen to music while doing written papers from classes such as Management or any hard core thinking process. 

Another stress reliever for me is to sit down for a moment, take deep breaths, inhale, exhale and just listen to the way air passes through your air canal. It will make you feel much more light headed and in peace from all the tiny details you have been paying attention for a while. This is also great because it will make your train of thoughts more clear and will help you to look at the problem in a different way and take different courses of action to solve it. 

I do not tend to pull all nighters, I hate them! I need to have at least a good 5 hour sleep (which is not bad) or else I'll be a cranky little piece of person and I am not a very pleasant one to be around if I have not slept well. I prefer to sleep it off and continue the next morning setting my alarm clock pretty early. 

Somw good other stress relievers are doing any sort of exercise or cardio activity for half an hour to an hour, you will release endorphins and will end up with more willingness and energy to do your work. I know it sometimes just is impossible to fit it in your day or schedule, but just going for a simple walk can do wonders for you. For more about walking click here

There are tons and tons of practices that you can do, and the above are just a few of my favourites! I hope you find this post interesting. 

Tell me, what do you do to avoid high waves of stress during hard weeks of final submissions or even final exams? 



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