Sunday, June 10, 2012

Silly Sunday + Birthdays!

Hey Everyone!

A successful alarm dodges near the dash

What does this sentence mean? I really have no idea but as it is Sunday I was browsing through the internet and found this. I am currently studying for a reading comprehension test on Monday, but got tired and decided to spend a little time in the cyber-world. 

Oh! and yesterday was the Birthday of a fellow blogger. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU SUEMI! 

We go to Uni together and are working on a project this semester. I love her blog (it's in spanish). She writes from her heart and has a very strong point of view which is nice to find now a days, because not everyone has the courage to speak up their mind any more and she does that. I hope you spent a really great day yesterday Sue! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! 

here I leave you with her Blog! go check it out: Cuando SuEMi quiere bloggear.. 

ps. She has a great art editions too. I am sort of, kind of jealous!  

I hope you have a great day <3



picture from here

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  1. Hahaha! Thanks Stephy :) Yeah I wrote in Spanish 'cuz don't have ur level of English knowledge. :P


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