Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday fun day: Soccer and friends

Hey Everyone! 

It's a nice day, today there's a soccer game where Peru and Colombia will face each other to see who gains points to qualify for the World Cup. Soccer is an important sport in Latin America, we have some awesome players, Ronaldinho anyone? Cristiano Ronaldo?, all Brazilian, that is why they have the best team winning 5 World Cups in the history (I think there was a 6th time, sorry for my lack of knowledge!) 

This post is not about soccer (which you can see I know nothing about it) but it's about how you spend those social encounters with people that DO like sports, can be Rugby, American Football, Baseball anything in general. Guys are THE ones crazy about them and if you have a boyfriend or some male best friends, they will want to watch it all gathered in one place. 

Girls, have no fear! They are the ones you love so you can also be a part of their plans. Your girls and yourself can plan a lovely reunion, delivering some tasks and making people in charge of the snacks and beers (if you are of legal age to enjoy a little booze with your activities) and voila, some of the girls may also enjoy watching sports so that is great! Special if you are fan of the teams who are playing. 

Normally, girls will all gather around a table and have a little of drinks, chat and laugh. Boys will all be in front of the TV and munching on the snacks talking about boy stuff which I kind of do not understand but make an effort to. 

Another thing that my friends and I like to do, specially in the warmer months, is go to the beach, to a friend's house and have a summery barbecue and  lot of chatting and screaming and just fun, good nice and friendly FUN. 

That is my approach to having boys screaming over at the TV for a good couple of hours and having fun while watching them go crazy and spending some good quality time with everyone. 

What is it that you do when there are events like these ones? 

I hope you are having a nice day! 



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