Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Agenda: Crazy Student

Hey Everyone!

I am a crazy student when it comes to organize everything and wanting to know what to do with my time. With all the tasks and exams and tests and presentations it always comes in handy to have an agenda that will make you have everything sorted out. 

For this year, I've bought one really nice and it was cheap and I just love it. It was hand made and is covered in fabric. A very original one and a very representative style from the Peruvian Highlands. It has a complete page for a day and goes from January to December. 

The academic year here starts on March and ends the first days of December. In University we have two semesters, one starting the month mentioned at the beginning (March) and the other semester beginning on August (that was quite a representation haha) 

I buy an agenda every year! I just can't live without one because I'm pretty sure I will miss out on a lot of things to do. I might not even show up to a TEST! which would be a tragedy. I actually don't get how some people remember everything they have to do without one..or maybe they just don't...huh? well this is the current one I'm using and I feel it's so good and pretty. It is cushioned even! 

It's small and great to throw in your purse and have it with you all day. Normally I will write in it with a blue or black pen, I am really weird about that but what I like to do is to use highlighters when I need to mark the things I have already done for the day (as you may see in some of the pages in blue highlighter). 

Tell me if you'd like me to do some post about my University life experience or else related with my career and such! I would be pleased to answer and share my experiences with you guys! 



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