Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Hey Everyone! 

I have been craving lately so much sweet! I just don't know what is going on. And certainly, I've indulged too much on it. Yesterday I hit rock bottom with it. And how did I noticed that? Well, I ate a full bag of gummy bears, then had a chocolate and then some jelly. I have been the worst lately. 

I started feeling tired and, just not my normal self. I went through various mood swings and just couldn't manage it!

So from today onwards, I have made myself a promise. To cut out sweets. All sort of candy. The bad stuff. I am going for using sweeteners only if necessary, ie: if I drink a coffee. I will not say that I wont eat once every 2 weeks those desserts, just try to make it a healthier option for me to cut it out on week days. 

Saying this, I leave my statement here, the beginning of my no sweet regime. I hope I can pull this off and not succumb to the temptations. I have a really big sweet tooth. Oh dear, Will power. 



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