Thursday, July 19, 2012

Foundation: A love/hate relationship

Hey Everyone!

I don't wear foundation or make-up on a daily basis, although just some mascara and a lipstick. I don't like lip-gloss that much.

The whole reason I don't wear foundation is that I feel that it is something too unnatural on my skin. Even the lightest foundation ever made I feel it not nice, I have no way to describe how I feel it but I hope you get a picture.

I also think it might damage my skin, it clogs the pores and it can't breath as naturally as it should and I don't want my skin to be damaged.

On the other hand, for when I am going out, or having a very special outing where pictures are involved and everything I do like wearing foundation. It's a crazy thing for me, I hate it for every day, but love it for special occasions where my skin should look flawless and beautiful.

When I do use it I use Almay's compact foundation. It is hypo-allergenic and do not cause me any side reactions. My skin is pretty sensitive too. 


Love hate relationship all over with foundation. How do you feel about it? do you wear it on a daily basis? or like me, you just wear it on special occasions?  



picture from here.

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