Sunday, July 22, 2012


Hey Everyone!

Headbands, I've got quite of a ride with them, i loved them, then hated them, then loved them again and back to hate. Lately, I'm in the love face again. 

Ever since Gossip Girl came out, with Queen B using them, I kind of grew into them once again. Don't wanting to spend money on them, I never really had the patience to sit and look for the ones that suited my style just yet. 

I'm talking about 3 years ago. 2009. It's the middle of 2012 and I found the best ones, for me. A champagne  one which is a turban kind of style. It is just gorgeous. The other ones are more common, just plain colours and very basics. 

Yes, I have very few, but I guess they are the best way to put a twist to your outfit. 



picture from here 

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