Thursday, July 26, 2012

Picnic Breeze

Hey Everyone!

You all know how crazy I am about having my nails nicely painted and well manicured. Pretty much I love to pamper myself with pretty nail polish and by having pretty hands I can conquer the world and feel pretty hot.

A while back I purchased a trio of Revlon mini polishes in Sparkle, Garden and Waterfall. They are pretty summery colours.

From left to right:
Garden, Sparkle and Waterfall
Personally, I love Revlon nail polishes, they have a very long lasting wear and they don't chip that easily. 

I liked to wear this colours for the pool or the beach with a black bikini I have and they just give a pop of colour to your ensemble. Another thing is, that with your tan in the summer months, they make it more noticeable, specially Waterfall. Being as pastel as it is, it makes everything more stand out. 

Sparkle, on the other hand, being a glitter nail polish, is harder to take off with nail polish remover. For that reason I wear it on my ring finger to make my manicure stand out with more neutral colours. Specially in winter when I want to shine a little more (lack of sunshine, overload of glitter!) 

this is the small things that make my day. Which are the ones that makes yours? 



Disclaimer: Everything was purchased by myself. I am not being sponsored by the company in mention to talk about the products. All opinions are my own. The picture was taken by me. 

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