Friday, July 13, 2012

Purple Mania: Purple on the blog

Hey Everyone!

It's the third post for purple mania! Who's liking the fact that I am giving too much (embarrasing) info about this color? It was a secret affair...well maybe not so much as you can notice in this very own blog. You are right, it's time to talk about the purple in the blog and it's different shades.

It was also an unconcious decision to make the elements of the blog purple, I just wanted something different and was looking at different blogs and never found that many with that color and I figured it was a right choice for me.

After the long intro post of the story why I like this color, i though maybe I could tell you the other meanings I found about the imagery of the color. As I have not much to tell about the blog that you can't already tell.

Here we go. The other meanings were the opression, the slavery and the harm caused towards slaves, and, in the US, the black slaves and how it meant that if their skin bruised, they were not worthy enough, they were not as pressured as white people were. Thankfully slavery has been reduced all over the world and there are organizations fighting it.

This color now, portrays how they were able to overcome all the abuse and be professionals and have the rights they should have had since the begining.  It reminds that after a tough ride there is hope of stepping up and fighting for what is right.

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