Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Purple Mania: Purple Phone Case

Hey Everyone!

As promised, here is the second edition of my purple mania series which came up while day dreaming in bed. Click here to read the previous post and all about my purple room.

This time, the post is going to be much shorter because I just have to talk about the case of my phone, the most important thing in my life which keeps me connected while I don't have a laptop with me and to catch up on my emails and everything that happens in twitter and facebook (quite an addict). I have my phone on my hands the majority of the day and yes, it has a purple case. The case is plain, boring purple.  But it changes out the dull black from the actual phone.

I haven't had the time, nor energy to find another case, (actually I have another acrylic one but it is almost falling appart in pieces) but soon I will. I am not complaining about the case, I love the color, it's just that it could be much nicer.

See? It's breaking and all. Someone, please, remind me to change it! 

So here it is, Purple on my phone, purple mania is all I know…

Have a great day!



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Disclaimer: All pictures belong to me.

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