Monday, July 9, 2012

Purple Mania: Purple Room

Hey Everyone!

Now that I am a free student for a while, I have been having tons of ideas about what posts to of them came when I was looking around my room lying in my bed, doing nothing at all, and figured that I was kind of surrounded (and kind of burried) with purple stuff in my room, from my bedding to my walls and the case of my Blackberry. Then this idea came to my mind… why not write a series about the Purple Mania that's going on in my room? (and life if you might as well say it).

The first topic I will be, as the tittle of this blog states, the purple elements in my room. I don't know it started, but I kind of gravitate towards purple, some might say that purple is not a well defined colour, but it has always been pretty to me. I am one of those persons that just don't want to admit that a book actually influenced this behaviour, but it totally was a book which made me gravitate towards it. I remember reading the book "The Color Purple" by Alice Walker, which in the imagery of it (thanks Miss Wendy for teaching me actual literary language) included a lot this color. In one of the papers we had to present, I investigated about the meaning of this imagery, and actually found out a lot of meanings, the one that I remember the most, is that Purple represented the royalty, monarqy and it gave status to the people. We have a winner!! I know now why I always gravitate to that color and, of course, you know now too.

Going back to the main point,  my room. I am writing this post as I stare to the only purple wall in my room. I have a huge tree painted on my walls, it covers two of them with the branches and the leaves, and yes,  the leaves are PURPLE, oh my, Purple everywhere. Here is a picture of it.  

Pretty isn't it? My adorable mother helped me draw it and then I painted it, love my art forward mother.

Another purple element in my room, is my blanket, which is very cozy and warm and makes me happy, specially in this cold weather we are having here. Oh and also, a smaller blanket, which is lilac, a shade of purple.

Yes that is an animal print pillow cover (guilty pleasures revealed?)

Now, I am peaking over my dresser and I notice my infamouse Happy Birthday Balloon my parent gave me when I turned 15, which is proudly going to turn 6 this Tuesday. 

This is it for this series, I will try to upload them everyday or every other day!

I hope you enjoyed my purple room elements!



Disclaimer: All pictures belong to me. 

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