Saturday, July 14, 2012

Running Shoes: Skechers GOrun

Hey everyone!

In my wishlist for running shoes are this totally adorable and super light weighed Skechers GOrun. I was trying them on the other day at the store and fell in love. The lady that was helping me out told me they are the best running shoes they carried and are very popular.

I am not a huge running-around-the-park person but I think I will totally spend the 80 dollars that are worth in the near future.

They have a great design and, the lighter the running shoes are, the most stamina they give to your run and the chances are less on getting injured. After all, who likes having a sprained ankle right? So if you were used on running with thick cushioned shoes, then give them a try, I swear that they are the best thing ever and you don't even feel them on your feet! Like walking on the clouds I might say (what walking on the clouds must feel like)

They are pretty and come in different colour combinations. Here are the ones I like.

Black and pink! stylish and up to some point muted. 

Hope this was useful! 



picture from here

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