Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shoe Love

Hey Everyone!

Shoes are my love, you can tell from my previous series called Shoes, shoes and more shoes. This time, I purchased the prettiest pair of Steve Madden shoes, they are a dark red color in patent leader, very very tall and are just me. It was that moment where you see the shoes, or any toher thing for that matter, and you just know those are the shoes you need.

Here are some pictures of them, if I'm not mistaken, they are already discontinued, but I found them at a total nice bargain. The price was just right. They are in the Model P-Rosa with the squared point.

So these are my new loves. I have worn them so much since I got them and can say that are the most confortable shoes that are this high, ever. They have a double pat at the platform, that is why they are so easy to walk in, you are like walking on the clouds.

Have you purchased any shoes lately? If so, was it love at first sight?

Hope you're having a great day



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