Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Funday: Semester is O.V.E.R

Hey everyone! 

I am so glad to tell you all that I am officially a free person! No more dreadful university assignments, no more hard core studying! For a month and a half at least, which is more than enough to have a refreshing gasp of air and just have fun and catch up with everything that I wanted to do through the semester but couldn't get it done, leisure wise. 

July is flying by, which by the way, is my BIRTHDAY MONTH! eeeeeep! I am turning 21 this Tuesday July the 10th and are just too excited. I have no big plans for that day, just spend time with family and have a nice dinner, but the weekend is definitely the time to enjoy the festivities with the good friends.    

Now that the semester is over, we had an awesome time with friends last night, I caught up with my best friend X, that's how we call each other, she calls me S and I call her X...weird but we've known each other since pre-school and she's like my sister from another parents. And to finish the night off, we gathered around at a friend's house and had some drinks and chatted and played some games. It was a great day, after the horrific 2 finals I had to take on a Saturday. 

This is going to be a good winter break. I can feel it. Now I have to go do laundry and clean my room that has turned upside down this week. 

I leave you with our Chilli's dessert. 

Have a great day! 



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