Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Funday: Bar&Friends=Smile

Hey Everyone!

It's finally Sunday! I've had a great week. I met a cute Doctor on Thursday. Yesterday I went for a drink, or maybe 4, with my two best friends from High School. I missed the two crazy heads and it was nice to have a great time with them. 

We didn't expect to find anyone else we knew but yes, we did. And that is a side story for, maybe, later. They took me to a place where there are little bars with an arty feel, where people listen to music, mainly rock, house and indie. It has been a while since I went out to a place like that, and it was worth the surprise. 

After some dancing and talking and drinking, we got hungry (the effects of a late night with friends) and right next to one of the bars, was this place which sells from French fries to chicken salad Sandwiches, and trust me, it was SO good. 

It was raining badly, but that didn't stopped us. It was refreshing and quite entertaining to see people running around trying to cover their hair and their, make-up. Maybe I shall do a post about the street style in this place. It was so unique and relax that made me feel a little over dressed. But you know, you can never be overdressed, just well prepared. 

With this, I leave you with an image of how a small section of the bar looks like. 

Have a great Sunday! 



picture from here

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