Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Funday: Rambling on and on

Hey Everyone! (I tried not to start this way but it was just something I missed!) 

It's been a good week end. I ate way too much yesterday, we celebrated the independence day of Peru and had to go to a buffet. Yes, I ate half my weight in food. It's almost impossible to get in shape when you have such good food to indulge in! 

Later we got home and rested for a while and then had to take off to a family party, where sweets and drinks are never a miss and just when you though you weren't able to eat anything else, well, you can eat more. And drink more.  It is very rare to have all the family united, so when we have a chance, we have a great time and the perfect excuse to celebrate some more. 

I seriously need to work out 3 times harder this week to get rid of al the excess weigh gained in just two days! but it was all worth it. 

Today, we are all going to see Hairspray the Musical that is showing in the Japanese Theatre in Lima and have just a couple more shows this season. I hope it is as good as they are claiming it to be. I am a very musical person in that sense. Everything Music related has my attention! 

On top of that, my dad just came in and said he's taking us to eat lunch at a sea food restaurant. Oh food. It's all over the place! well I have to get ready if I want to survive this food attack! 

Hope you are having a great week end and have a hell of a good week start!



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