Thursday, July 12, 2012

This side of the globe...

Hey everyone!

So most of you know I live in Peru. Here we have a very diverse weather and it drives me crazy. We are supposed to be in winter right now, but here's the thing, I just don't know how to dress properly for the crazy, hot-cold season. 

I have a love for coats and blazers, those chubby cardigans and sweaters that are awesome for winter. Last year I stocked up with quite a very good variety of them eyeing that this year I'll be able to use them. Well I was wrong up to some point. I can still wear them but with some serious layers going on under them. 

What I do: 

1) A tank top of a solid colour. 

2) A long sleeve blouse, which is a light weight

3) a Cardigan 

4) a coat or a blazer depends on the weather and if whether I  want to be a cosy bear or a more executive like, but warm girl.


Through out the day, the weather is just crazy, at 8 am, it's freezing cold. As the morning goes by, it might be sunny, or it might be somewhat warmer so the coat/blazer is not needed. and in the afternoon we are back to freezing cold and strong cold winds...

Oh! How I love living in such a varied environment (I might prefer all the way cold or all the way hot but not like this!), I might just fly to the Caribbean one of this days, or the North Pole. Which ever is better. 

This is how my days are like in bipolar Lima, Peru. Still it's a lovely place and love how diversity characterizes it (speaking of bipolar! hahaha) 



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