Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Rush

Hey Everyone! 

It's August already! I can't believe how fast July has come and go. As the month gets to a start, Back to School is just weeks around the corner (or maybe just few days around it!). I have already worked out my class schedule and find it a very nice and relaxed one. I will have good amount of times to space my working commitments! 

This is a post where I wanted to tell you that I will do some back to school posts to help everyone going back to classes a little more all from Fashion to School Supplies, which are always a must (DUH!). I am starting my Junior year of University, so this posts might be more focused in that matters but also on high school because that is the most that I can remember from previous years. 

I still love to go supply shopping and am like a little kid left alone in a candy store! let's face it, I still am a little kid at heart. 

I hope you will enjoy the posts about back to school and if you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments below or through my contact information



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