Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back to school: Snack Options

Hey Everyone! 

While I've been doing a ton of reading for classes just in 3 days back at Uni, I've figured out that snacking is constantly in my mind more than eating actual full meals. I am not skipping on them, it's just that I have more pick-me-ups through the day. 

What I'll do is eat breakfast early in the morning, keep with my routine (reading, writing, blogging, etc) and I'll get a little anxious, or just plain bored that I have to keep me busy with something else while doing it all, I'll grab 20 almonds, and eat them slowly so that I don't run out of them too fast, and drink some water or tea or coffee. Coffee is what the majority of university students indulge in most of the time. One can never have too many cups of it. 

After Lunch, sometimes I have class and I am busy paying attention to the professors and the subject that all I can manage, in a break, is grab an apple, or any other fruit that can be eaten with out making a mess out of it. And that is pretty much it, oh and the coffee to keep me awake. 

So snacking is your best friend students! keep that in mind.

Another idea is to get some proteins going, take a piece of grilled chicken breast and eat it in between meals. The protein will give you more energy to keep going. 

Also, having a snack in between foods will make you less hungry for the actual meal making you eat a little less than you would normally eat. This is a great tip for those who want to stay fitter and leaner and maintain a good weight range. 

I hope you guys liked this post from my little snacking life and that it is helpful in your everyday activities. 



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