Saturday, August 4, 2012

Beauty Vlogger Bootcamp: And now what?

Hey everyone! 

I know I haven't done any posts in the last few weeks commenting about the show and the finalists. I will not bore you with excuses because I have non really, I just got distracted by other topics. So now, I will give you my comments on the season's finally and the couple last episodes which were Rachel's  and Giselle's final challenges and vlogs for the viewers in order to get to know them better in their more relaxed and not crazed selves. 

The volg that Rachel prepared for the challenge was about how to style an outfit for different moments of the day, a relaxed morning, an afternoon with friends having lunch or at a night's date or a girl's night out down town. It was super didactic and super useful. It really showed how she rolls and made her personality shine through the entire video. 

On the other hand we had Giselle's vlog which was about going from plain, yes plain, to polished. She gave a lot of good advise and tips and tricks to spice up your face and your looks if you are running wild through the day and have little time to prep for the different events of the day. She has a really good know-how on her topics and shows it. 

Both contestants did a great job on their final vlogs and just knocked some people off their feet. In the end, Rachel won but was just a 100 or so votes ahead Giselle. This shows how good both vlogs were and had a very tight margin of competition. 

author avatarRachel will have her own show on uLookHaute called "Ready, Set, Rachel", which will start airing August 8 and will be up every Wednesday. 

And as for Beauty Vlogger Bootcamp? Well, they will have a second season! I am excited to see what new challenges are they going to put new contestants through and how are they going to respond. Casting has already started and you can find all the details here if you are in the USA and want to submit your video to them :)

Check the winning vlog here!

and the promo for her Wednesdays show: 

Sorry for this very long and wordy post, I just felt like writing today! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and I'll talk to you later! 



Disclaimer: I am not, in any ways, affiliated with the uLookHaute network. All opinions are my own. 

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