Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to School(well.. University): First Week

Today begins my second week of classes. It's weird to start on a Wednesday, it totally freaks out my biological calendar. I'm a person of habit, but I try to always switch things up and want to get out of my comfort zone. This week has been quite like that. I decided to take a workshop during the first days of classes where they taught us how to handle making the CV, the personal interviews and test when you apply for a job and how to dress properly for it. 

It was a huge success for me, I went all by my self when normally I'd ask for a friend to come with me. I feel I am becoming a little more secure and confident every time I take little steps like this one. Baby steps they say. 

The long way down to the underground floor at campus. 
As long as classes go, each and every single them have their positive and negative aspects. But luckily I am focusing more on the positives than the negatives. The teachers all seem nice and are very immersed in what they know and have a lot of good advice and experiences to share. The work for these classes has doubled up. I already have way too much readings to catch up with, but I am not complaining, I am quite enjoying the fact that I will be reading more, something I just don't do so much. 

Speaking of reading...Our brand new Library building. 
The weather is awful, I have been going to University with many layers of clothes so that I don't freeze to death, and to compensate that I have been drinking lots of coffee (surprised?). I have really missed being in there. Those walls and the corridors are just great, they are like my 3 security blanket, the first is home, the second one is my school. Oh and the people, yes, I've made good friends and met a lot of different people all with great stories to tell. 

This is a recap of my week, I hope you have a great day and make the best out of it. If an opportunity shows up, don't over think it and just go grab it. 



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