Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fun Trivia + 200th post

Today is a very special one, it marks my 200th post!! Yayyy! 

For today, being Tuesday and a huge milestone for my blogging history (I can't believe I have written so much guys!), I was thinking on doing a huge wordy post, and then I realized that probably that would be so boring and not very didactic at all. I have been jotting down so many ideas about what to make off of this one and decided to post some facts about my style and my healthy habits, 3 facts for each category for you to know me a little bit better. 


Fact 1: On winter I like to be comfortable, warm and still look pretty. I achieve this by layering my clothes. I did a post about how I layer everything for this crazy weather we handle in Peru.


Fact 2: I love me some UGGs. Yes, they are the most, non-stylish boots like..ever but they are so comfortable that are my number one choice when I need to head out to class in a chilli winter morning. Although I try my best not to wear them very often, in those lazy, I-don't-want-to-think-too-much mornings are my go to pair. 

Fact 3: I used to be hoodie-crazy. I wore hoodies all the time and were my fashion fail a long time ago. I am not very proud of this phase, but still have them. I use them to work out and to through them on to run some quick errands to the local grocery store or food market. 

Healthy Habits

Fact 1: I am a fruit lover! Yes, I love the sweetness they have and those little aspects that keep my sweet tooth at ease when I am in a candy-rehab. I struggle a lot with that and just found that fruit did the charm. They are my healthier options of a carrot cake. 

Fact 2: I hate working out. There I said it. Although I try to keep it up for a healthier lifestyle, if I find the chance on skipping a workout session I will. Sometimes I'll enjoy it. The times where I feel more stressed or worried, I'll release my frustration on hoping on the stationary bicycle and sweating it off. That is when I enjoy it the most.  Or I'll walk. The most relaxed way of keeping it healthier and fit. I also did a post on that matter

Fact 3: I tend to under drink water.I've done quite a share of water posts previously and well, this is what I pray for but not quite accomplish..sorry :(  Some days I just don't drink much water, I don't know why that is, I have my bobble and all so I have no valid excuses on not drinking enough water. It is something that I just don't take into consideration. It is bad for my system and I will try to improve on this aspect. 

Well, that was interesting, I hope this facts are interesting and quite didactic on my few hits and misses. Oh, and it turned up to be a long worthy post :/ but quite nice in my opinion. It was fun to introduce you to them. 

I love you all and thank you! 



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