Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gone too soon

There is nothing as hard as the loss of someone you love. Specially if the love you had was unconditional and immensely profound. I have a hard time with good-byes. That kind of good-byes. One of my little furry ones gave up yesterday to the hardest of her battles. After saving her the first time from kidney and hepatic failure, her back legs started to fail her too. She started treatment for this on Monday, by yesterday she seemed to have improved when she got to the vet for her dose of the day. She was fine, I had to massage her in form of therapy 3 times a day, by night I did this with my mum, she was so good and so relaxed that nothing seemed to be going wrong. We left her in her bed, covered with a little blanket we bought her, and headed out to grab dinner in the dinning room. We think her heart gave up, she was not eating as good as we wished but we did what was in our power to keep her strong with vitamins and all that jazz. When we entered the room again 15 mins later, she didn't respond to us, and that was it. 

She was a great dog, the best of companions for 6 years. In deed she's gone too soon. She will be forever loved and missed. 

I have no more words to describe this feelings of sorrow and bitterness and more. I'm sorry for this sad post, but I am crushed. I still have my other little furry baby, she's here and I will cherish her for as long as she stays with us. 

"Born To Amuse, To Inspire, To Delight
Here One Day
Gone One Night"
Gone too Soon- Michael Jackson

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