Thursday, August 23, 2012

In Sickness and in health...

The majority of University students might already know this, but for those who don't I leave you here what being sick during classes looks like (or...feels like). 

Picture yourself with a runny nose, sneezing non-stop, feeling like a truck just run you over and to top it all like a cherry in your favorite ice-cream, your coughing like a dog... Sick to the bones (well today is one of those days for me). 

It's time for you to get going to class, but you just don't want to move from your bed, not even take off you pink bunny fuzzy PJ`s. If you don't go, you might miss something important from lecture and might get behind on the work you have to deliver for next week. It's a very difficult point to be standing in. HORRIBLE. 

University, college and grad school  are like being married. It is stuck with you in sickness and in health and will not care if you look (and feel) your worse, it is just standing there by your side, waiting for you to be faithful to your commitment. 

Me right now :(

Oh dear, I feel like this huge tower was demolished over me and I got burrowed within. But unfortunately I have to go to classes and read. My head is in so much pain that I can hardly concentrate, but I try to do my best with this. To top it all, I need to handle a situation with one of my groups. 

I hope you guys are taking care of yourselves to prevent any illness, be smart and transition to the different seasons correctly. You will not want to feel like I am toping it all with the stress of classes. 



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  1. Well, I haven't realized that u were in that condition. The last time I saw u, apparently u were right. Hope, U R OK.


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