Friday, August 24, 2012

Miley's Hair..what's going on?

I know it's been a few weeks now, but I just wanted to address this. What is going on with Miley's hair? I think she went a little too far with the I am a grown up, I do what I want with my hair view, but seriously it's such a dramatic change, I am not getting any more used to seeing her like this: 

too blond and too short, I liked her brown long curly and healthy hair. It made her look younger and fresh. 

I am not saying that she doesn't look great, but it is just something very very new. It's like that time when Emma Watson went in to the hair dresser and came out with this pixie hair cut. She still looked great, but it was something ver very very different from what we were used to seeing her with. 

It seems that some celebs just want to break out from their roles that made them mega famous. 

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