Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Funday: Harry Potter movies!

I'm a total HP nerd and to have had a marathon of the 2 installments of the 7th movie just made my day!

It is the perfect way to spend a Sunday, just watching movies, and if are those, for me, it much much muchhhh better! i passed the notice among my friends, we all live kind of far from each other, but we all totally watched them, separately, and just freaked on over it.

I know we are such little dorks when it comes to Harry Potter anything :) <3 love is the key for everything you all!

I might do a series about this. hhhmmm I'll think about it :) Maybe some collabs on the way? maybe maybee

I hope you had a great week end and had tons of fun!



pictures from here and here.

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