Thursday, August 16, 2012

Updatable me: Back to classes

Hey everyone! 

As some may know already, I am back at University. I've been back for just 2 days and I feel the teachers are giving us a lot of work already! Final projects, essays, presentations, well indeed a lot! I am feeling exhausted but I have the feeling that this is going to be a great semester! I have recovered some great tips on getting organized for these projects, specially from The College Prepster, that I feel ready and it's nice to see that other students have great organizational tips! I might write a post or 2 on the subject with the tips I've gathered also through my personal experiences and what I have mixed with other tips I have received. 

My time now is going to be a little more limited because of the pressure of all the classes and managing group meetings, CV meetings and all, but I will try my best to keep up with everything and will try my best to balance it all out. 

I hope you understand and that I love everything I do and sometimes have to prioritize on certain aspects, specially in my academic life. 

Lots of love for everyone!! 



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