Monday, August 27, 2012

Workout Playlist 7

As I've been sick as a mad woman has, I've been working long hours in my laptop rather than my usual Desktop that I use on a daily basis. So not all my music is here and my iPod just passed to a better life (I need an upgrade badly) therefor I have some other music here and I was listening to it and got inspired. To start the week more positive and active, here are my five favorite songs I re-discovered! :)

1) Imperfect is the new perfect- Caitlin Crosby
2) Who owns my heart- Miley Cyrus
3) Say you don't want it- One Night Only
4) What doesn't kill you- Kelly Clarkson 
5) In my head- Jason Derulo 

Emma Watson in the video of Say you don't Want it from One Night Only

Have an awesome day! 



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