Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Funday: Shopping Spree

Another Sunday is here, and with it comes the last day of September. Cold weather is getting near for some of you and the hot weather is coming the way of some of us. Don't you love the seasonal changes? I do and specially, choosing and buying clothes and accessories according to this. 

Today, I'm off for a shopping spree with my lovely mother! We love to do that and, even if we end up buying just a couple of things, it's the most refreshing thing to do. We get to see the new trends and the new colors that are ready to be worn. 

I hope you have a great Sunday and have some fun the last day of September! 



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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Busy as a bee

So, it's Saturday, most of you are probably resting and getting some more sleep than normal. You are seriously making me so jealous. I have 2 tasks for today.

The first one is to go to a recovery class of Business Law. I know fun, but it is just compulsory for me to go  because the professor is going to be saying which are the topics that come in the midterm. Yes.

The second one, is to do a presentation about the different ways to measure the external vulnerability of an economy for my Global Economics class. We have also 4 hours of recovery. We missed them and now we are paying the bills. That class is 4 hours...I don't know what I'm going to do with my existence all that time.

Totally how I feel today! 

I am a busy busy bee today.

Hope you enjoy your day and have fun!



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Friday, September 28, 2012

Beauty Pet Peeve: Chipped nail polish

On Wednesday, I was talking to one of my girl friends about life and we were laughing and all. Then it happened...I saw her hands and on her hands, her nails, and on the nails....Chipped nail polish. I started to freak out. One of the most distracting and pretty darn ugly things for me is to see a girl with her nail polish all torn down and plain not well taken care of. 

I am a firm believer that girls should always have her nails well manicured and if possible with some nail polish on, even if it's a clear one. When I start to see mine a little off, and have no time to keep them polished and neat, I immediately take the nail polish off at least. 

That's when I decided to make a post about it. I am pretty sure my friend is going to read this. So S don't take it personally! you know I love you!   It is just something I am a little crazy with and don't stand it. It is one of my beauty pet peeves. 

Here are some tips: 

1.- If you see that your nail polish is already starting to wear off, don't continue chipping it yourself by scratching it. It is a horrible habit, makes your nails look careless and to top it off, it scratches off the top coat of your natural nails making them to be porous. That is going to make the nail polish stain even more your pretty nails and when you go nail-polish-less they will look even less healthy. 

2.- Just remove your nail polish and if you don't have time to paint them back, just leave them natural. In that way, they will have time to breath a little and rest from all the chemicals nail polish have. That way they will look a little more taken care of. 

3.- Finally, give yourself an at home manicure, dedicate atleast once a week, at night, to treat your hands and nails so that they are healthy and nice and then you will feel fresh and pretty. 

A well cared manicured hand makes a girl look pretty and polished. Always keep that in mind. You will feel even prettier than you already are and more confident to while you give a steady and confident handshake to your potential next employer too. 



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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

uh oh! Flag Shorts and High-waist Pants

Summer is approaching, at least for my side of the world, and with it comes a whole new wardrobe and new trends to try. 

I bought recently a pair of High-waist shorts with the American Flag on them (tell me about patriotic without being and american) and I just love them! they are so comfortable and super nice. I am already planning some places to wear them. They are super versatile and great. They would be great to pair them with a cropped top to give them the airy feel of summer. 

But, as I don't see that much heat coming my way in the nearer future, I also bought a pair of black, high-waist jeans. Looooove them too. I am surprised on how the trends come around and back again. 

here some celebrities that rocked the high-waist shorts through summer: 

     Miley Cyrus                           Lauren Conrad          

Nicole Richie

My mom, when she saw the high-waist, freaked out and told me that she used to wear that all the time and was so comfortable and looked so cute. 

Then, I saw one of the rerun episodes of Friends that were from the first 2 seasons I think, and I saw Monica wearing jeans like that and a cropped red sweater. It was so cool to see that. 

I love when retro things come back in style, it feels more real to me. 

ps. Sorry there was no Workout Playlist this Monday. I will make it up to you with a special post this coming Monday! I did a special post for a book tour instead that day, go check it out if you'd like



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Monday, September 24, 2012

Book Tour: Shadow of the Blood Moon + Giveaway

Happy Monday Everyone! 

For all of the book lovers out there, I have really exciting news today. 

Today I am excited to be hosting the first date of the Book Tour for Shadow of the Blood Moon. The second book in the Blood Moon Series written by Robin P. Waldrop. The book tour will run from September 24th (today) till the 24th of October. It will be done in different Blogs with different great contents about the present book. To see the schedule and the different hosts for each date click here

Here are all the tids and bits you need to know about the new book of the series! and, of course, about the author! 

Title: Shadow of the Blood Moon

Series: Blood Moon, #2
Author: Robin P. Waldrop

Release Date: August 27, 2012
Pages: 321
Buy Links: Amazon | Smashwords


Genevieve Labreck is back with a score to settle. Her mom has been kidnapped by Zane, hybrid and all-around monster.  Rumors fly that Gen’s mom is holed away in Prague, a city recognized by humans for its serene beauty and intense culture, but Gen and Will know something humans don’t. Prague is haunted by dark, evil forces.
 Can Genevieve and William save her mom, or will they be too late?
 Some will live, others will fall. At what price do you walk away from those you love?

About the Author:

I'm a wife, mother, grandmother, business owner, and author of YA/Urban Fantasy paranormal novels. TIES TO THE BLOOD MOON is book 1 in my series and is available on all digital sites, and also print and audio as well.

Last but not least, you are going to have a chance to win a Shadow of the Blood Moon eBook! how cool huh?

This great initiative of the book tours come from the girls at Romantic Maidens Book Tours, who are doing a great job! Be sure to stop by and say hi! 

Have a great Start of the week!



Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Funday: Smiles

Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope you are having a nice time. 

Since the week has been a lot stressful for me with all the university stuff going on, and about to get worse, that my sleep is just not in the right process and my eyes look like the ones of a panda, I just wanted to share some of my guilty pleasures (well I don't think of them that much as guilty pleasures) that just make me smile and step out for a while of the Uni-zone. 

The first one is reading blogs. Being a blogger myself, and with limited time (as you can see by my lack of posting, Sorry Guys!) I love to make some small pause to read the ones I'm subscribed to. That makes me feel a little more comfortable and, if I'm having a momentarily block, it refreshes me to keep going and see things from a different perspective. 

The second one is watching YouTube. I have a few favorite people that I follow and just make my day. It's an instant smile that appears on my face every time that I see they have a new video uploaded. 

A third one, is more family oriented. If I'm having a little block I just go around my house talking to every family member and having them to comment how they would approach the problem and also just talking with them. My mom and my grandma are always home so they are the ones that help me most of the time. 

And last but not least, is to dedicate some time to my little pup so that I can groom her and play a little with her. 

Instant Smiles. That is what makes my day if it has been a little rough. It is never a waste of time if it makes you smile. 

I hope you continue having an awesome day <3



Friday, September 21, 2012

It's a Converse kindda day

Today I had to get up pretty early and go to a medical lab with my mom and my grandmother. My grand mother had to have some tests done and we pretty much were running. I had no idea on what to wear, in other words my brain was totally asleep by that time and I just grabbed what I felt more comfortable with at the time.

Normally, I would've worn my uggs. Today I was not feeling it and took out my converse for a little stroll on the city. It has been a while since I had them on, so they had a very well deserved outing.

As you can see, they are kind of well conserved, pretty clean and not worn out. I barely use them so you might agree that they were craving a good walk. 

I just got back home and might need to go run some more errands. I will keep them on for the rest of the day. 

Hope you guys are enjoying your last day of the week and getting ready for for the weekend! 



Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Red Eyeliner?

Hey Everyone! 

(see what I did there? #oldybutgoodie) 

A couple of months ago I was at University and had an event at night, I had planed that I wanted to wear a bold Red Lip to that party and wanted to apply some tips and tricks I had learned on YouTube. With the little time to do leisure things that day, I asked my mother, who was conveniently at a hair dresser, to go pick up a red lip liner to match my lipstick, she knew the shade because she helped me pick it up, so there was no problem. At least I thought that. 

When I got home, I had to get ready super fast and she got me that red pencil liner. I though "Great! it's the perfect shade!". I was getting all prepared to do my perfect Red Lip...when I noticed that it was an eyeliner...I never thought they had them in those colors. I didn't had time to think it through and just applied it to my lips and worked with it. If it can go on your lids it can't be bad for your lips (I guess). 

So here the thing is, what am I going to do with a red eyeliner? I was in such a dilemma with it that I haven't use it yet. I was researching on the web and found some awesome blogs that showed that it is a kind of wearable color if you know how to work it through. 

Source: London MakeUp Girl

red eyeliner
Source: London MakeUp Girl
In the picture above, London MakeUp Girl shows how to work with it and, in my opinion, looks good. Although I believe that somewhat it makes the eye look irritated and swollen. 

Another blog I visited had found a Red eyeliner in gel. This looks pretty awesome, ready? go!

Source: The London Beauty Review 
It looks so polished and nice. I know all my sources are from London, but I find that they are more risqué when it comes to all this new findings and fashion ordeals (all Europeans in general). The gel eyeliner is from the brand Inglot. 

Here is a picture from the product. Also from The London Beauty Review

Source: The London  Beauty Review
My take on wearing red eyeliner (when I finally decide to try it) would be making a thicker line of it and the lining with black the lash line with a liquid liner. I think it would tone the edginess a little more and still look good.    

What do you think? Yay or Nay? let me know in the comments below :)



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Monday, September 17, 2012

Workout Playlist 10

Welcome, again, to another Monday Morning event! 

wow that was nice and never thought I could pull it off! hahaha I am in a very nice mood today, but I have no idea why. I am going to run some errands with my lovely mother and then I have this busy all-day classes. Hello 11 pm night. 

Here I leave you with my 5 go to songs for working out today! Enjoy <3

1) Back to December- Taylor Swift
2) Mama Do- Pixie Lott
3) I don't miss you at all- Selena Gomez
4) Stranger- Hilary Duff
5) Price Tag- Jessie J ft. B.o.B

Hilary Duff- Stranger Lyrics

Have a kick-bootay week!



Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday (not so) Funday: Study Sessions

Hello there! I hope you all are enjoying this nice Sunday and use it as a way to relax from all the week's stress that, inevitably, shows. 

For me, today it's not a day to relax. Today I have lots to study and read. I will have to say bye to a BBQ day with my family and, well, it's not fun at all. 

At least, by night I expect to be done with everything and then just dedicate some moments for me and have a little stress-free time till Monday comes with my tests!



Friday, September 14, 2012

The Fifty Shades Trilogy

This is a very avant-guard novel for women. Personally I was hesitant to read the Fifty Shades trilogy. Because I knew some of the content (if not all) was that X rated. I am a fully conscious young adult that women sexuality, in the last couple of years, has become a mayor topic. If not, tell me about Magic Mike. A very good movie. I know. 

As hesitant as I was, I decided to go ahead and read it. To my surprise it was a very good book. Don't take me as a professional writer, or book critique, and mainly I have no idea on how the style should be taken and done with it anything. I am just a person who like to read (which I do just sporadically due to time issues) and have no more idea than that. 

I was engaged in this love story. Yes it is a love story, a very possessive and weird and sexual one, but a love story after all. Anastasia and Christian are the epitome of perfection. He has the money, the looks, the brain and the power. Ana has also the looks, the brains and all his money...although by association. 

I really recommend the books from my very unexperienced point of view. I know this is not a book review, I am just sharing my opinions on this trilogy I read a little over 2 months now and which (kind of obsessively) reading again, but now slower so that I get to understand everything that I might have missed on the previous excitement of the saga. 

There is a huge buzz now relating to the movies, if they are too X rated for the big screen, or who is the best actor to play Christian and who is the best actress to play Anastasia. Either way, I think they need to be very good actors, because these books involve a lot of inner retrospection and both characters are very troubled in their own mysterious ways. 

I hope you grab your copies and share what you think about the books. I recommend that if you are not of legal age, or are very vulnerable with the whole sexuality tids and bits, you should restrain due to very graphic descriptions. 

Have a nice day! 



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Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's here, it's here! the iPhone 5 is here!

It's been a couple of long days, I had to take care of mommy and serve her as a driver because she was not feeling well to go by herself to the doctor. So I was more focused on getting her make feel better than in any other thing. 

But changing the subject! they have now revealed the new iPhone 5!! Who else is excited??!! It's a little taller then the iPhone 4&4S, but that is ok with me. it looks classy and all the characteristics you can read them here

Here you can see the iPhone 5 on the left compared to the 4&4S

So what do you think? Gonna pre-order it? or wait till there are some reviews? 

have a great day! 



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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rrefreshing your fitness routine

On a very pretty Tuesday winter day, I have been caught up with the routine. I thought to myself, why not do some extra variation on what you do, fitness wise, instead of just doing the cycling and or walking? I have found that some fitness videos are a great way to keep you entertained and making everything a little more out of the "everyday" tids and bits of it.  

I recently came across Beach Body. A company that  make the various different workout and fitness videos, they also have some nutrition in the way (the whole package right?).

I already knew that their Insanity program is very popular and also their Brazil Butt Lift. I have heard very good reviews of them. I am thinking on trying them out to see how good are they. 

On their page, I saw that they are coming out with the Brazil Butt Lift Master Series (still in development) so if you have already the regular program you might want to step it up some more. Another program that has me sweating just by looking at it is the Asylum volume 2, from the insanity series. The video on the page just makes you oh so tired. But you can see that it gives a full body workout. Which, in my opinion, is not bad at all! 

But, there is always a but, I though that the asylum vol.2 was too advanced for me to try it just yet, maybe in the future, when I get used to it, I will try it. 

The one workout video I am most excited about, which is also in development and almost ready for pre-order, is the Les Mills Combat. Which is a mix of various martial arts. I love the stamina that the martial arts give to your body. They are great for fat burning. I used to do Tai-Chi with a Chinese expert in the art. I know what you are thinking...It's a sport for grannies...but it is more than it meets the eye. It is all about learning to use your inner strength and project it towards the attack of or "enemy". Well that was a little random, but I really enjoyed it. And if something is Asian and typical PLUS the combination of losing weight in a fun way, I will definitely try it! :) I am a little kid when it comes to having fun and doing the things I love <3

I hope you check all the new programs and see if some are a good fit for you and most importantly, that they help you get fit having fun and challenging yourself. 

Have a great day! 



Picture from here.

Disclaimer: I was contacted by Beach Body to write this post and add their newer programs that are about to be released. I am not receiving any compensation from them in any form, all opinions are my own and I am most interested specially in the wellbeing if my readers so that you all have more options to get your healthy lifestyle on the top of your game :) 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Workout Playlist 9

Another Week begins and the routine does too! I have a very busy day today but I will make the best out of it. Lots and lots of new things to learn! and another day talking to you guys! which is what I like the most <3

Here are the songs for your day to begin smoothly and enjoy a good workout or walk or any other sport of choice!

1) Defying Gravity- Glee Cast
2) We'll be Alright- Travie McCoy
3) My Party- Kings of Leon
4) Dinosaur- Kesha
5) Girls (Who Run the World)- Beyonce

File:Run the World (Girls) cover.jpg



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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Funday: week recap

Happy Sunday!

I hope you all had a great weekend and had fun! I can say that it has been nice and somewhat relaxing.

Now, on to recap the Highs and lows of this week for me. IT all started on Monday. Killer day, class all day  and 2 tests to top it off. In one test I did great, on the other one..well it was tougher. But not impossible. Then, it all went smoothly in my late night class (World Economics) and after that I went home and fell deep asleep (I was super tired).

On Tuesday, I have a very random schedule, I have no class all day and at night is when 2 hours of class begin for me. It drains my brain so much. It is a very late night class and it makes me dizzy. We had a surprise test.Yes. HORRIBLE. IT was supposed to be this Monday but Oh Well.

Then on Wednesday, I got the grades of another test and it was awesome! an A. Please I know my stuff :) also another late night class.

I got two other tests, this time one on Thursday and another one on Friday. Interesting week right? haha I hope I haven't bore you to death till now. If you did, please forgive my uneventful week so far. On Friday it got much better! I got to go to eat sushi and catch up with one of my cousins! We are crazy sushi ladies. We had a blast and ate way too much.

Yesterday was baking day for mamma and me. We came up with a new cupcake recipe we have never heard of (I hope we invented it, if not, thumbs-up to whoever did too!). Mamma has the flu and she hasn't been feeling great, so I decided to treat her with a little sweet. It was rum and raisins cupcakes. So good. This is whats left of them.

And today, Sunday, we went for a little Chinese Adventure and brought home some takeout. It is dreadful to have to cook while you're not feeling so good, so I proposed the little indulgement (is that a word? I don't know haha)

Later we are going to watch some movies at home with some popcorn.

I hope you are having a great time this September and make it a good one!

Have a nice day!



Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fashion Weeks kick-off parties!

Happy Saturday Everyone! 

As the week has ended, and everybody has been a little crazy running around (the majority has just began a new semester a few days ago) and being loaded with work you normally don't get when you are just starting, I decided to make a post to make the stressful days be left behind for a while and talk Fashion Weeks. I know, a little late because they all began on Thursday with FNO's (Fashion's Night Out) from LA all the way through Italy.

This events are promoted in Europe and in the United States, they are the biggest ways to celebrate Fashion as a passion and as an art. It is the most profitable industry in the history, giving people jobs and a lifestyle. I love this add the most stylish people out there (Joan Rivers) and the most talented in LA made to promote this party of Fashion. 

Some beauty gurus also participated, Elle and Blair Fowler and Dulce Candy. 

I thought this is a great way to make people more conscious that Fashion is all over the world and more events should be promoted when the fashion weeks come along. 

Here in Latin America we have great designers. Just look at Carolina Herrera and how massive her Fashion Empire has grown. We need to celebrate them too to make a statement and be a little piece of the puzzle too of this great movement. 

Going back to topic, this month is going to be great and I will be keeping an eye to the latest trends that will, definitely, come around. 

hope you have a great weekend! 



Disclaimer: I do not own the video right for the one linked above. I am not in any way affiliated with the event to promote it I am just a loyal follower and Fashion lover. All opinions are my own

Friday, September 7, 2012

Eyeliner Moods

I'm on a crazy, bold and exotic eyeliner mood today (maybe it's because of the weekend?). I saw some pictures in a friends Facebook page and was completely inspired. Then I thought...How many eyeliner styles are out there that we have never even tried  out yet, but see on the different makeup artists records?

Here I found this amazing image about this topic of interest. 

I might try some of these in the nearer future, some for when I'm going out with friends, and some for every day. It'll be my personal research project.

plus...the names are just so irresistible! (love the D&G one, a little dramatic and way classy)

Have a super especial day today!



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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jewelry and me

I have a problem. It just seems that I don't know how to rock some big statement jewelry. I limit myself to some sort of classic pieces. The very basic ones. 

I tend to concentrate more on the piece of clothing when looking at creating new looks for different occasions. 

The classic pieces I have in my collection are pearl studs.

A silver necklace that was a gift from my parents, with 3 charms that marks great periods of time in my life
(Picture coming soon)

A pearl necklace. 

A lot of rings, which I love wearing rings (I won't get tired of them any time soon) but specially I wear a silver and gold ring I got while visiting one of my aunts. 
(Picture coming soon) 

I am a person of custom, sometimes change just makes me dizzy, but I try my best to embrace it and welcome it as best as I can. 

I will try my best to rock pretty jewelry, because every time I go into stores, I go crazy, but then restrain myself because I don't know how to pair it with the clothing I have. 



 pictures from here and  here

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

cafeteria inspiration

I'm siting at the cafeteria at University, enjoying of an apple and an Arizona Blueberry White tea. It is good, and I feel entertained. People all around me have some pretty interesting food/snack options, I see a couple eating a big greasy burger, some have Dorito's all over their tables, some others are having some coffee (I would be one of them if I wasn't drinking tea this time) and almost everyone is having for drink....surprise, suprise...water (which is great) 

This has inspired me to take into consideration that most of the food offered in a Cafeteria, is greasy, non healthy and saturated. I was trying to find some healthy options, and found that they have to offer fruit salads, some salads for lunch and that is it. what else could be healthy you may ask? Well that is a question I am asking myself too. Once a week I have this idea on making a series about what healthy meals to bring to school, university or college. and also some friendly snacks for short classes so that you keep your metabolism going! 

Do you like the idea? let me know in the comments or via my contact information :) 

have a great day! 



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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My go-to snacking yogurt

It is one of those crazy days where I have to meet with study groups, do some readings, run some errands, go to class, write some essays and the list goes on. That means, my eating schedule becomes horrible, and I do not want to starve to death while I find a little time to eat my proper meals. 

Yogurt comes in handy then. I like yogurt very much and when I found this awesome brand I just fell deeply in love for it's great taste and fruity-ness. It is from the brand Axelrod and it is a low fat one, it comes in different flavors, Black Cherry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry and more. But my absolute go to flavors are Black Cherry and Raspberry. 

I tried the Blueberry one and was just not doing it for me. Luckily I remembered to take a picture of the container, because when I eat the rest I just go out of mind with taking any pictures of them to show you. 

They are great products, if you haven't try them yet, go get them! they are pretty awesome :) 



Monday, September 3, 2012

Workout Playlist 8

Now it's Monday, I have a thing about always telling you to start your day with a good workout, or walk, or run, just because I like to do it myself. It makes us happy people and will not be grumpy all day (or week). Music. It's all I can say by now since today marks 2 months with this little space in my blog, which I love. Let's celebrate it with some new songs ! <3

1) Celebration- Kool & The Gang (pretty appropriate right?) 
2) One More Night- Maroon 5
3) We are never ever getting back together- Taylor Swift (the longest song tittle ever I guess) 
4) Not myself tonight- Christina Aguilera
5) Who's that boy?- Demi Lovato 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Want it all

It's the first day of September! I hope this month brings great things with it.

It's 7:30 am where I live and I'm sitting here writing this post. Today I discovered that Google Chrome has a Kate Spade's theme! and I went a little crazy and decided to go ahead and install it. Love it. Speaking of Kate Spade, I have been craving some of their stuff.

Thank you The College Prepster for making me smitten about Kate Spade! my wallet is literally scared! hahaha 

This are the things I am craving the most! 

What do you think? 



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