Friday, September 28, 2012

Beauty Pet Peeve: Chipped nail polish

On Wednesday, I was talking to one of my girl friends about life and we were laughing and all. Then it happened...I saw her hands and on her hands, her nails, and on the nails....Chipped nail polish. I started to freak out. One of the most distracting and pretty darn ugly things for me is to see a girl with her nail polish all torn down and plain not well taken care of. 

I am a firm believer that girls should always have her nails well manicured and if possible with some nail polish on, even if it's a clear one. When I start to see mine a little off, and have no time to keep them polished and neat, I immediately take the nail polish off at least. 

That's when I decided to make a post about it. I am pretty sure my friend is going to read this. So S don't take it personally! you know I love you!   It is just something I am a little crazy with and don't stand it. It is one of my beauty pet peeves. 

Here are some tips: 

1.- If you see that your nail polish is already starting to wear off, don't continue chipping it yourself by scratching it. It is a horrible habit, makes your nails look careless and to top it off, it scratches off the top coat of your natural nails making them to be porous. That is going to make the nail polish stain even more your pretty nails and when you go nail-polish-less they will look even less healthy. 

2.- Just remove your nail polish and if you don't have time to paint them back, just leave them natural. In that way, they will have time to breath a little and rest from all the chemicals nail polish have. That way they will look a little more taken care of. 

3.- Finally, give yourself an at home manicure, dedicate atleast once a week, at night, to treat your hands and nails so that they are healthy and nice and then you will feel fresh and pretty. 

A well cared manicured hand makes a girl look pretty and polished. Always keep that in mind. You will feel even prettier than you already are and more confident to while you give a steady and confident handshake to your potential next employer too. 



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