Wednesday, September 5, 2012

cafeteria inspiration

I'm siting at the cafeteria at University, enjoying of an apple and an Arizona Blueberry White tea. It is good, and I feel entertained. People all around me have some pretty interesting food/snack options, I see a couple eating a big greasy burger, some have Dorito's all over their tables, some others are having some coffee (I would be one of them if I wasn't drinking tea this time) and almost everyone is having for drink....surprise, suprise...water (which is great) 

This has inspired me to take into consideration that most of the food offered in a Cafeteria, is greasy, non healthy and saturated. I was trying to find some healthy options, and found that they have to offer fruit salads, some salads for lunch and that is it. what else could be healthy you may ask? Well that is a question I am asking myself too. Once a week I have this idea on making a series about what healthy meals to bring to school, university or college. and also some friendly snacks for short classes so that you keep your metabolism going! 

Do you like the idea? let me know in the comments or via my contact information :) 

have a great day! 



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