Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fashion Weeks kick-off parties!

Happy Saturday Everyone! 

As the week has ended, and everybody has been a little crazy running around (the majority has just began a new semester a few days ago) and being loaded with work you normally don't get when you are just starting, I decided to make a post to make the stressful days be left behind for a while and talk Fashion Weeks. I know, a little late because they all began on Thursday with FNO's (Fashion's Night Out) from LA all the way through Italy.

This events are promoted in Europe and in the United States, they are the biggest ways to celebrate Fashion as a passion and as an art. It is the most profitable industry in the history, giving people jobs and a lifestyle. I love this add the most stylish people out there (Joan Rivers) and the most talented in LA made to promote this party of Fashion. 

Some beauty gurus also participated, Elle and Blair Fowler and Dulce Candy. 

I thought this is a great way to make people more conscious that Fashion is all over the world and more events should be promoted when the fashion weeks come along. 

Here in Latin America we have great designers. Just look at Carolina Herrera and how massive her Fashion Empire has grown. We need to celebrate them too to make a statement and be a little piece of the puzzle too of this great movement. 

Going back to topic, this month is going to be great and I will be keeping an eye to the latest trends that will, definitely, come around. 

hope you have a great weekend! 



Disclaimer: I do not own the video right for the one linked above. I am not in any way affiliated with the event to promote it I am just a loyal follower and Fashion lover. All opinions are my own

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