Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jewelry and me

I have a problem. It just seems that I don't know how to rock some big statement jewelry. I limit myself to some sort of classic pieces. The very basic ones. 

I tend to concentrate more on the piece of clothing when looking at creating new looks for different occasions. 

The classic pieces I have in my collection are pearl studs.

A silver necklace that was a gift from my parents, with 3 charms that marks great periods of time in my life
(Picture coming soon)

A pearl necklace. 

A lot of rings, which I love wearing rings (I won't get tired of them any time soon) but specially I wear a silver and gold ring I got while visiting one of my aunts. 
(Picture coming soon) 

I am a person of custom, sometimes change just makes me dizzy, but I try my best to embrace it and welcome it as best as I can. 

I will try my best to rock pretty jewelry, because every time I go into stores, I go crazy, but then restrain myself because I don't know how to pair it with the clothing I have. 



 pictures from here and  here

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