Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My go-to snacking yogurt

It is one of those crazy days where I have to meet with study groups, do some readings, run some errands, go to class, write some essays and the list goes on. That means, my eating schedule becomes horrible, and I do not want to starve to death while I find a little time to eat my proper meals. 

Yogurt comes in handy then. I like yogurt very much and when I found this awesome brand I just fell deeply in love for it's great taste and fruity-ness. It is from the brand Axelrod and it is a low fat one, it comes in different flavors, Black Cherry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry and more. But my absolute go to flavors are Black Cherry and Raspberry. 

I tried the Blueberry one and was just not doing it for me. Luckily I remembered to take a picture of the container, because when I eat the rest I just go out of mind with taking any pictures of them to show you. 

They are great products, if you haven't try them yet, go get them! they are pretty awesome :) 



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