Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Funday: week recap

Happy Sunday!

I hope you all had a great weekend and had fun! I can say that it has been nice and somewhat relaxing.

Now, on to recap the Highs and lows of this week for me. IT all started on Monday. Killer day, class all day  and 2 tests to top it off. In one test I did great, on the other one..well it was tougher. But not impossible. Then, it all went smoothly in my late night class (World Economics) and after that I went home and fell deep asleep (I was super tired).

On Tuesday, I have a very random schedule, I have no class all day and at night is when 2 hours of class begin for me. It drains my brain so much. It is a very late night class and it makes me dizzy. We had a surprise test.Yes. HORRIBLE. IT was supposed to be this Monday but Oh Well.

Then on Wednesday, I got the grades of another test and it was awesome! an A. Please I know my stuff :) also another late night class.

I got two other tests, this time one on Thursday and another one on Friday. Interesting week right? haha I hope I haven't bore you to death till now. If you did, please forgive my uneventful week so far. On Friday it got much better! I got to go to eat sushi and catch up with one of my cousins! We are crazy sushi ladies. We had a blast and ate way too much.

Yesterday was baking day for mamma and me. We came up with a new cupcake recipe we have never heard of (I hope we invented it, if not, thumbs-up to whoever did too!). Mamma has the flu and she hasn't been feeling great, so I decided to treat her with a little sweet. It was rum and raisins cupcakes. So good. This is whats left of them.

And today, Sunday, we went for a little Chinese Adventure and brought home some takeout. It is dreadful to have to cook while you're not feeling so good, so I proposed the little indulgement (is that a word? I don't know haha)

Later we are going to watch some movies at home with some popcorn.

I hope you are having a great time this September and make it a good one!

Have a nice day!



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