Wednesday, September 26, 2012

uh oh! Flag Shorts and High-waist Pants

Summer is approaching, at least for my side of the world, and with it comes a whole new wardrobe and new trends to try. 

I bought recently a pair of High-waist shorts with the American Flag on them (tell me about patriotic without being and american) and I just love them! they are so comfortable and super nice. I am already planning some places to wear them. They are super versatile and great. They would be great to pair them with a cropped top to give them the airy feel of summer. 

But, as I don't see that much heat coming my way in the nearer future, I also bought a pair of black, high-waist jeans. Looooove them too. I am surprised on how the trends come around and back again. 

here some celebrities that rocked the high-waist shorts through summer: 

     Miley Cyrus                           Lauren Conrad          

Nicole Richie

My mom, when she saw the high-waist, freaked out and told me that she used to wear that all the time and was so comfortable and looked so cute. 

Then, I saw one of the rerun episodes of Friends that were from the first 2 seasons I think, and I saw Monica wearing jeans like that and a cropped red sweater. It was so cool to see that. 

I love when retro things come back in style, it feels more real to me. 

ps. Sorry there was no Workout Playlist this Monday. I will make it up to you with a special post this coming Monday! I did a special post for a book tour instead that day, go check it out if you'd like



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